Pneumatic Control Valve


Aira Electro Pneumatics is a leading Control Valve manufacturer in Kolkata. Different materials and sizes of control valves are available, so they can be used for different applications. Having been in this industry since 1990, we have a lot of satisfied customers. We have earned our buyers’ trust and ATEX certification as a valve manufacturer. Due to this, we become the leading control valve supplier in Kolkata.

Our engineers are dedicated to designing valves that are safe and secure for industries and workers alike. By using graded materials, we build trust with our clients, which leads to high levels of customer satisfaction. The materials and temperature ratings of our valves can be tailored to suit the exact needs of the customer. These valves are suitable for high or low temperature media and can withstand such conditions. We manufacture our valves exactly according to the needs & demands of our customers.

Identifying any defects in the product and sending it to be corrected is the responsibility of our special inspection department. Before any delivery, each product is thoroughly tested against all quality parameters. Additionally, we welcome any third party inspections (TPIs) provided by our customers. Our company boasts of offering after-sales services, which in turn has always assured our customers that the products that we provide are the best available. So we are here to provide the best quality Control Valve in Kolkata.

Many industrial plants use valve products from our company, including refineries, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, steel mills, and many others.

Control valves regulate fluid flow as driven by controllers. These valves are operated by electric actuators, hydraulic actuators, or by Pneumatic Actuators. It is very common to use pneumatic actuator control valves due to their simplicity and low maintenance since they only require an air compressor to operate.

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